Electric Fly Swatter

If you are wanting a more effective way to deal with those aggravating flying insect that seem to cause germs and bacteria on our surfaces and food. Then there is a better way, an electric fly swatter can help eliminate the problem that we all deal with inside and outside our home. From those annoying house flies to even mosquito’s, this is a more effective alternative when it comes to killing them. It can work to help eliminate just about all the flying insect that seem to come around when we least want them to.

Electric Fly SwatterAn electric fly swatter works by giving off a powerful 1500 volts, that electrocutes all flying insect that stops them directly in their tracks. And not to mention not having to wait for them to land. This device looks similar to a small tennis racket but unlike other devices it leaves no messy squished bug behind. A more effective, convenient, and even hygienic way to help with the elimination of those flying insect.

You might be curious of how it works but it is quiet simple, a DC charge that is powered by batteries sends off an electric current through the wire mesh. And by simply pushing a button that in return activates the 1500 volts. Then you will have the ability to electrocute the insect. It does how ever become hot when it is activated, but it constitutes no real hazard to humans or pets. But you will want to keep it away from small children because it does have the ability to burn after it is activated. Safety steps are enclosed with the instructions that you get when you purchase one.

Easy to use and considered by far an effortless way to get rid of those aggravating pest inside of our homes and outside too. The added benefit that the electric fly swatter has is that it uses no poison or harmful materials which can put off a terrible smell, and that is harmful to our environment. Providing you with a simpler way to solve the issue that arises when it comes to all flying insects and bugs.