Electric Bug Zapper

An electric bug Zapper has been around for years to help us with the fight that we all tend to have with those flying insects. They allow you to take control of your setting and enjoy being outdoors without the aggravation of trying to fight off insect. Offers a better way to get control of your insect situation without the use of pesticides.

Electric Bug ZapperThey are quiet simple when it comes to how they help eliminate those pest. The use of ultra violet light that is used in luring the insect into an electric grid. The electric grid in return provides you the ability to actually electrocute insects without ever lifting a hand. The voltage is supplied by a transformer which applies the electric current to the grid. A safety feature that this device offers is that the outer enclosure prevents children, pets, birds and other forms of wild life from making contact. That way you are only eliminating those flying insects that you are wanting to.

If you actually think about how long they have been aiding in our defense against those in wanted visitors. Not much has changed since the first one was patented in 1934, the only thing they have made many improvements that provide a better and safer way to destroy an insect. But the basic design has almost stayed the same. Once known as an electronic insect control system or even an electrical discharge insect control system and now as we know it today. No matter what you are used to calling it or what name you know it by it has always did the same job when it comes to dealing with pest.

No matter what you flying insect problem consist of, you can be sure that an electric bug zapper will not discriminate between the different types of bugs. So whether or not it is flies, mosquito’s, gnats, to even bees. You will have the ability to eliminate them and not have to deal with the hassle and aggravation that comes along with trying to enjoy the outdoors. Being able to set back and relax without having to lift a hand in the aid against pest.